The crop


A lovely balance

By 1994, Juan Carlos Scarpini, an Argentine but 100% Colombian man, fell in loved with San Antonio del Tequendama for its climate and vegetation. Then, he bought a farm and befriends all farmers in the area, who showed him the agapanthu flower. Then, they tell him that zone was mostly full of coffee and flowers plantations. Excited about it, he begins to sow his recreation property with agapanthus and following his heart he decides to give some opportunities to people in the area, which had no source of work. Then, he bought another piece of land and start planting also agapanthus, which is 100% organic from the beginning, with his family traditions of Italian immigrants who instilled in him the love for the land. His daughter, a flower lover was working in a nearby crop so she decides to get into this project of life and begin to export 100% organic Colombian Agapanthu, the first certified organic flower exported from Colombia to UK, USA and Canada.

Being a wise observer of nature, and thanks to his friends in the area he finally knows the “Balu” or “chachafruto” that he starts the research and share all the good benefits with his relatives finding out that is has an incredible benefits among the people. That’s why he decides to get it to more people, so he dehydrated it and grounded so it can be stored. The chachafruto is growth among flowers and that creates a unique natural balance.